About Ballroom Beats

Chris LarsenWhen I came up with the concept of Ballroom Beats over 5 years ago, I knew how frustrating and time consuming the process of finding good dance music was.  Students needed an easy way to practice what they learned during their lessons. Teachers needed a quick and reliable music resource to guide their students to. Competitors didn't have the time and the means to create quality competition rounds. Studio owners spent too much time and money updating their music libraries or putting playlists together for weekend parties. I knew there was a better way! That's how Ballroom Beats was born.

As a professional in the Ballroom Dance industry, I have worked hard to provide a solution that will work well for everyone who loves to dance. I hope you enjoy using the site. We'd love to hear from you on Facebook or via our feedback form. We have a lot more planned for Ballroom Beats and are excited about the future of our site.

Many Thanks,
Chris Larsen



David Medeiros has over 28 years of experience the dance industry, competing both professionally and with his many students throughout the country. David was the 1996 Ohio Star Ball 9 Dance Champion, excelling in both the Smooth and Latin divisions simultaneously. He has owned and managed several studios and is currently the President of the Global DanceSport Series which recognizes the importance of Pro-Am competitors and the contribution they make to so many wonderful dance competitions around the U.S.. We are very excited about our partnership with David and the Global Dancesport Series and look forward to the many new and exciting things Ballroom Beats has in store for the Dance Community!

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